Dr. David Okuji, received his dental education at UCLA and pediatric dentistry residency certification at the University of Southern California. He also has an MBA from the U.C. Berkeley-Haas School of Business and earned an M.S. degree in health care management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Early in his career Dr. Okuji practiced as an associate pediatric dentist in Northern California for 5 years and then practiced for Saudi‐ARAMCO, an international oil company for the next 5 years. After repatriating to the U.S., he was the principal of a multi‐dentist, multi‐specialty practice for 24 years in California. He currently operates a dental practice consulting company and serves as a Senior Associate Director for the NYU Langone Hospitals pediatric dental residency program. In addition to his practice management experience, Dr. Okuji is an educator and public health advocate. He is also board certified in pediatric dentistry and public health, and serves as a part-time lecturer in Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. His primary academic interests are in value-based health care systems and global public health.

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